Denver live set @ Release Studio on 9/26/2017 - Codakolor starts @ 1:55:52

Performing for the last ten years, the two members of Codakolor have been refining their taste in music through the music they've played live. Starting small in garage DJ sessions in Denver, building up to full-fledged festivals, they've decided to sample the world. One lives in Tokyo, the other resides in Denver. Between them, they play shows around those areas under the same chromatic moniker.


Their most recent showcase of music is Fill In The Blanks, an hour-long album of melodic orchestration.

Three years in the making. A redefinition of style, both approach and final product, leads us to this. Sample culture is around us, both visually and through sound, and EDM is always due for a change. Why not do something melodically wonderful?

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The next release was Homecoming, a fresh sound with a retro swagger.

The last month's been interesting. Even a few months ago, I wouldn't have imagined making a track like this. Besides all differences, I had a lot of fun making this track. Glad I can finally share it with you.

Thanks to Mark Larry Hickox for calligraphy featured on cover of art. Check his work out, it's incredible!

IG: @mhlvii

Following that, Sexy Potato Head was released, redefining 'Mister Potato Head music'. 

It's finally Friday the 13th. We made another one, this time with more ranting, more sex appeal, and more potato. So many influences, such little time. We hope you enjoy this hearty disco banger. -ck

P.S. Video:

released October 13, 2017
Shout out to everyone in potential power to sue us over copyright; we owe it to you that we've made it this far.