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June 5, 2019 - release of Feel Better Mix (Vol 1.) - live video

All music, visuals, and lighting is mixed live using Traktor and Arena. This setup took three years to perfect, and I’m proud to finally showcase my work. -ck

June 4, 2019 - release of Ankle Stompers_EP

This is a collection of music made only using my Maschine. Most of my work on this album has been captured via video time-lapses, all which can be viewed on my YouTube channel. Stomp your ankles to these low-key groove setters. -ck

May 27, 2019 - video release of Good Bones - Part of the upcoming Ankle Stompers_EP

Slowly leaking my work on my upcoming album, Ankle Stompers - EP. This is a collection of music made only using my Maschine. Most of my work on this album has been captured via video time-lapses, all which can be viewed on my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy- coming soon to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Beatport. -ck

May 10, 2019 - FlowState Presents

Magentik, Seratonin, Codakolor (all-original set), Adam T. We’ll be playing LIVE, LATE, and LOUD from 3:30AM to 5AM. Tickets at for $10, or $15 at door. Choose wisely!

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May 1, 2019 - release of Übermix - May 2019:

Start with deadpan nostalgia, got some bloghaus, a couple bangers, grenades at the bar, bass in your face, an ABC Original Series, a sentimental piece, and special guest Richard Simmons. Not suitable for children under the age of 99, got some wubliminal messages hidden throughout.

Just kidding, it's a house mix. No edits, no fuss- all done live. Gimme a shout out if you wanna know a track or two. Enjoy. -ck

April 10, 2019 - release of Feel Better Mix - Vol. 1:

I need it, you need it, we all need it. -ck

February 25, 2019 - release of Plaztikluv:

After two years of controversial back-and-forth work PLAZTIKLUV has been released.

There are so many Marias in the world, you'd think the hype would end with Takeuchi? But no, the march for a better future funk phenomenon continues. Is this the place to be? Or are we just playing games? One thing is certain: I know it's plaztikluv. -ck Thank you once again to the amazing Mark Larry Hickox (IG: @mhlvii) for his outstanding work on the album cover.

May 1, 2018 - release of Übermix - May 2018:

I know what you're thinking. What happened to March and April? They never happened. Fast forward to May, where I drop some Future, French, Bass, and Electro house. Pump it up! -ck

June 1, 2018 - release of Übermix - June 2018:

This mix made for a few tough calls, and quite a few revisions. But overall, this mix hits that hard note with twice the horsepower of the prior mix. All I'm saying is that it goes HARD. Recorded on CDJs live at a bonfire fueled by shredded documents, surrounded by real geese, a single spinning party light, and Tom. -ck

 April 20, 2018 - release of Meme Girls:

There's a good chance you remember where you saw Mean Girls for the first time in your life. For me, it was with my friend Sunny in my apartment when I was 18. After letting a slew of her references go unidentified, I asked her to bring a DVD so I can finally watch it. I had a strange childhood, void of normal pop culture. Now I'm caught up. This track is my homage to such a quotable movie that everyone should see.

Thanks to Greg (Goddammit) Neato, Amaury (Ditto) Orozco, Andrew (NGYN) Nguyen, Dani Smith, and Crystal Carpenter for making the Album Cover art happen. Thank you to the wonderful Donna Summers for her track Bad Girls, which was the basis sample for this track. Thank you to Mean Girls, which came out 13 years, 355 days ago today. -ck

January 12, 2018 - release of The First Post:

2018 starting strong as The First Post was released. The World's End/Edgar Wright enthusiasts, rejoice.

"Tonight, we will be partaking of a liquid repast, as we wind our way up the Golden Mile, commencing with an inaugural tankard in The First Post, then on to The Old Familiar, The Famous Cock, The Cross Hands, The Good Companions, The Trusty Servant, The Two-Headed Dog, The Mermaid, The Beehive, The King's Head, and The Hole in the Wall for a measure of the same. All before the last bittersweet pint in that most fateful terminus - The World's End. Leave a light on, good lady, for though we may return with a twinkle in our eyes, we will, in truth, be blind...DRUNK." -Gary King, The Worlds End (2012)

January 5, 2018 - release of Übermix - January 2018

Figured 2018 could start with a refined mix. I'm really proud of this mix, and I hope this pleases your musical taste. -ck

October 13, 2017 - release of Sexy Potato Head

It's finally Friday the 13th. We made another one, this time with more ranting, more sex appeal, and more potato. So many influences, such little time. We hope you enjoy this hearty disco banger. -ck

P.S. Video:

August 1, 2017 - release of Homecoming

The last month's been interesting. Even a few months ago, I wouldn't have imagined making a track like this. Besides all differences, I had a lot of fun making this track. Glad I can finally share it with you. Thanks to Mark Larry Hickox for calligraphy featured on cover of art. Check his work out, it's incredible! IG: @mhlvii

July 1, 2017 - release of SoGood (Official Music Video):

Performing her incredible fire dancing skills is Lani Rupp (@lilikoi.lani).

November 1, 2017 - release of Fancy Rework (Official Music Video) - original by Chromeo:

Codakolor's rework of 'Fancy Footwork', originally composed and performed by Chromeo. 

June 1, 2017 - release of Fill In The Blanks (album):

Performing for the last ten years, the two members of Codakolor have been refining their taste in music through the music they've played live. Starting small in garage DJ sessions in Denver, building up to full-fledged festivals, they've decided to sample the world.

Their most recent album is Fill In The Blanks, an hour-long album of original melodic sampling and orchestration.

Three years in the making. A redefinition of style, both approach and final product, leads us to this. Sample culture is around us, both visually and through sound, and EDM is always due for a change. Why not do something melodically wonderful?

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